PayPartners Client Reviews Reveal Multi-Industry Solutions To Consumer Preference Shifts


If you’ve been a business owner for any amount of time, “the customer is always right” is a mantra that must be adhered to. Customers are the people whose loyalty should be rewarded and whose time must not be taken for granted. As such, offering the most efficient way to pay for goods or services is one of the best ways to save time for all involved. PayPartners, a payment technology company that provides point-of-sale, mobile, online and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) options, can help.

According to a 2019 article from, the use of credit and debit cards as the primary form of payment has become an increasingly-popular option. “In the last four years, credit card usage among U.S. seniors has jumped 11 percent — up to 80 percent in 2018,” the article states. As for debit cards, these forms of payment “are often preferred for small purchases and everyday in-store spending such as groceries.” PayPartners has paid particular attention to these trends, rolling out options that are in line with consumer preferences of the day.

Here’s how PayPartners customers have benefited from using processing tools that are perfect for modern businesses:

  • Aslyn C. says the third-party website she had been using to run her business took far too large a portion of her sales. What’s more, her business was still growing and earning more than ever before – which meant this third-party website was becoming an albatross of sorts. “I chose PayPartners to help me with payment processing. Their support has been incredible and I have been able to focus on procuring and creating a beautiful inventory.”
  • Jim E. says that drivers for tow truck fleet needed the ability to accept payments while out in the field. This measure would, in turn, reduce back-end billing in the office so PayPartners was brought into the fold. “My guys can accept payments for simple jobs if the person doesn’t want to go through their insurance company. It’s fast, easy and reliable… kind of like us!”
  • Andrew B. says his full-featured laundromat needed “a system that could process a variety of payment types efficiently and reliably.” Given that his laundromat also had a bar and café under the same roof, it’s no wonder that different customers from different backgrounds were presenting different payment preferences. Since implementing PayPartners tools into his company, Andrew B. has been able to track sales and growth due to back-end software.

These are just three examples of what businesses of all sizes and specialties stand to gain from working with PayPartners. Visit to discover how your operation can benefit from custom-tailored solutions!

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