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Our culture is increasingly plugged-in to the world of social media. We’re able to reach out and communicate with friends, family, business associates, perfect strangers and even acquaintances we’ve only just met. It’s a wonderful capability and anyone with a connection to the Internet can do it. There are indeed “social” aspects to social media, but it can also be used to connect us with companies that we should be doing business with. PayPartners is one of these companies and its position in the payment processing sector makes commerce a streamlined and secure affair.

Whether you own a local coffee shop, travel to do business and accept payments on the spot or run an eCommerce website, PayPartners has a tool or platform that can do the heavy lifting for you and your business. These tools can benefit consumers who want peace-of-mind when shopping, too – especially those paying on-the-spot with debit/credit cards for goods and services at a craft fair. To learn more about PayPartners and to stay current on their offerings, the following social media platforms will come in handy.

On Twitter: To follow PayPartners on Twitter, current users can look them up as @partners_pay. Those browsing the Internet on their desktop can peruse their Twitter feed by visiting the following link: The inherent benefit of Twitter is that frequent “tweets” can be sent out all day long to provide incremental updates on hot topics. PayPartners has taken advantage of the platform by sharing relevant articles that will appeal to merchants who could become potential clients.

On Facebook: As the leading social media platform, Facebook provides a way to share thoughts, articles, web links, pictures, videos and more. PayPartners’ Facebook page takes advantage of this by sharing internal business updates, such as hours of operation; contact information; links to the company website and more. For Facebook users who’ve already used payment-processing tools, there’s also the opportunity to leave positive reviews and comments, which PayPartners encourages.

On LinkedIn: This platform is perfect for fellow professionals to connect and help each other out in the workforce. The PayPartners LinkedIn page gives followers a bit more insight into the company, such as where its headquarters is located, the employee count, what it specializes in and more. Similar to Facebook, but for those who don’t have an account on that platform, articles with timely and industry-specific information can be shared on LinkedIn and followers can “like” those updates and leave comments.

We encourage readers to follow PayPartners on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. One of the benefits of social media is the ability to connect with brands we use in our daily lives and it only makes sense to stay abreast of new developments.

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