Wawa Faces Breach in Payment Privacy

Payment transactions happen constantly in the United States using various methods.  Because of products and software implemented by services like Pay Partners, consumers every day swipe cards, hold up cell phones and smart watches, complete forms and press buttons online, share information over the phone and more.  The one thing that must remain the same […]

PayPartners Discusses The Problems Caused By a Data Breach

PayPartners helps countless businesses in need of a point-of-sale solution. One of the most underrated features of the solutions provided by PayPartners is the security of every transaction. The cost of a data breach can be catastrophic to any small business. Statistics show that the average monetary loss of a data breach is $200,000. Quite […]

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Our culture is increasingly plugged-in to the world of social media. We’re able to reach out and communicate with friends, family, business associates, perfect strangers and even acquaintances we’ve only just met. It’s a wonderful capability and anyone with a connection to the Internet can do it. There are indeed “social” aspects to social media, […]